Entre los huecos del otoño

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Mario F. Cobos's first album, Entre los huecos del otoño (Among autumn
hollows), consists of ten intimist and
reflexive works, soft and appealling to
your ear, fascinating to listen to. Mainly
piano solos, in three of those works the
piano is accompanied by other
orchestra instruments. It's a work born
from the inspiration of Nature in autumn,
in such way that from that music flow
emotions able to wander along our
soul's nooks with a healing effect.
Music, eventually, that accompanies
your sensens and appeases your soul.




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Entre los huecos del otoño
Entre los huecos del otoño
  • φιλία
  • Una mirada en la escalera
  • Hojas secas
  • En la noche
  • Fantasía en Sol de atardecer
  • El circo de las mariposas
  • Dentro de la tormenta
  • Mis mañanas con Pablo
  • Entre acantilados
  • El amor entre los dedos
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